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Nt seeks clarification over ministers illegal actions against citizens

Nt says it welcomes new international court's ruling against Sudanese regime

The US issued new sanctions against Sudan in response to Nt's announcement.

US said it was working with UN, African Union, and other key international partners on implementing the rulings

The court, which is in the process of reviewing the latest round of Sudanese sanctions in response to Nt's announcement, also released a report on February 15 on its activities.

In its report, it also said Sudan would lose international recognition under international law as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Under international law, countries that sponsor terrorism also must cease financing the groups, establish independent mechanisms to investigate, and seek criminal sanctions against those behind the attacks.

In a separate statement, the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights said that Nt was "unlawfully restricting the independent monitoring of his country's human rights record, with the aim of undermining Nt's election campaign by forcing him to participate in elections on a date before March 2017."

The UN Commission of Inquiry on Sudan concluded in April 2017 that Nt's government committed war crimes against civilians in 2012 in Darfur and Darfur in particular.
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Study shows how sharks can thrive in areas where they don't eat.

They also looked at populations of rare cichlids – the largest of the freshwater fishes that live alongside sharks – and found that the shark species that were most successful at surviving the drought were those that found food from plants.

"If you can't eat, don't fish," says lead researcher Dr Matthew Ainsworth of the University of Western Australia in Darwin.

For most animals, feeding on small mammals such as lizards and turtles can provide plenty of energy and nutrients. But the study shows that the sharks are doing just fine even when they can't get anything to eat.

"The fact that this area is rich in these rare species in particular suggests that drought may not be a good deal for them, but perhaps it could be," says Ainsworth.

"There's an interesting ecological story here and it's a puzzle that just doesn't make a lot of sense until you get the scale of the effects of drought, the magnitude of it, on the entire animal kingdom."

While there is no direct evidence of drought in the western Antarctic, this particular study has shown sharks that lack meat can survive in areas that are getting increasingly dry.

"This finding is very exciting," says Ainsworth, who will be sharing the paper in Science.

"We believe that this is a tipping point - if we do find that some species of sharks are going to adapt and go into these drought-hit areas and provide food, then that has major implications for the conservation status of these species."

Dr Steven Jonsson, a shark expert at the Norwegian Shark Research Institute in Odense, Denmark, has also praised the work.

"It's a remarkable result. This may be the most extraordinary example of an animal species being able to adapt to drought, in areas that we may know are going to get worse."

But he doubts the shark will be able to thrive, since sharks have a long and highly successful "no-holds barred" way of attacking prey, where they hold their mouth open while chewing it.

It could be that other animals will have a harder time adapting, says Mark Jones, a shark researcher at the University of California-Santa Cruz.

"The sharks probably won't get to the point where this is the case because they will be under a lot of pressure to survive, and at such a distance," he says.

"In the future, I expect to see them in the tropics and in areas where they don't go far into the water, where they have to use their powerful fins in extreme circumstances."

Scientists say the results are a starting point but that the actual effects will vary.

The tea

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