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Third ashes test day one wrap up by James B. MacNamara and Tom DePace! Free View in iTunes

104 Clean Ep 52 - Mike Bivins - Mike Bivins: A Story of Love, Hope, Loss, and Redemption On this episode of The PGA Tour, The Pros and Minorities of Golf talk with Michael Bivins about what drives him to continue playing golf. Michael has overcome adversity and overcome his struggles to continue playing golf. He talks to Jim from the Great Lakes Club about learning new skills, growing as a golfer, playing the U.S. Amateur... Free View in iTunes

105 Clean Ep 51 - Greg Kihn - Golfing Through Death On this episode of The PGA Tour, The Pros and Minorities of Golf share an emotional journey to tell you one of golf's most incredible stories. Greg Kihn was born the day of August 10, 1984 in San Diego, CA, the youngest of four boys. As a young boy Greg found his passion for playing and spent months of every week being a great amateur golfer. At the age of 10 Greg was drafted by the San Diego... Free View in iTunes

106 Clean Ep 50 - Mike Johnson - The Last Minute of Life, Life After Golf, and Life After Your Career On this episode of The PGA Tour, The Pros and Minorities of Golf share one of golf's biggest stories, a journey of survival through extreme sports and a journey of hope and a dream of a lifetime. Michael Johnson was born on May 9, 1976 in Kansas City, Missouri. He has lived in various parts of the country while raising four boys. Michael began attending... Free View in iTunes

107 Clean Ep 49 - Tom DePace - Tom DePace: The Last Call of a Career On this episode of The PGA Tour, The Pros and Minorities of Golf break down Tom's path from the golf scene to the Professional Golfers Association of America. Tom had played golf for three years as a Junior at the University of Connecticut. He started as a Junior Golf Associate in 1992 and became an Assistant Club Golf Instructor (A.C.I.) from 2001 through 2005,... Free View in iTunes

108 Clean Ep 48 - Jon Totten - Totten: The Greatest Moment in Golf On this episode of The PGA Tour, The Pros and Minorities of Golf talk about their best story of all time with golf legend Jon Totten. Totten was one of the biggest names in professional golf, but has had to put a smile on his face in the eyes of some players he has played with over the years. Jon joined us to talk about the impact... Free View in iTunes

109 Clean Ep 47 - Eric Kitzner - the Greatest Golf Story On thi

Hit and drag accused in bail plea to murder: family

"This is an extremely shocking case," said Roberta Hernandez, spokeswoman for the Miami district attorney's office.

"We are also going to review what happened here, but we believe the person who came to our rescue saved Mr. Diaz's life," Hernandez said.

When authorities arrived, they discovered a bloody body in a car. The driver, 27-year-old Diosdado Diaz, had been shot and his body had been dumped in the ocean.

Diaz's family told a family friend they were upset when they received a call from the Miami-Dade sheriff's office that night claiming that Diaz had been arrested for murder.

It didn't take long for the victim's relatives to come forward to say they believed Diaz was alive.

Friends of the family have been questioning the government's description of the suspect, an undocumented immigrant who has lived in Miami for almost 13 years.

The man is described as white, six feet tall, about 165 pounds, with a large head of dark hair. He has a shaved head and a skinny smile, and wears a gray sweatshirt and dark jeans.

Copyright 2017 by WPLG - All rights reserved.

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Onetel founder defends performance of Facebook's UGC

Backed by the likes of Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and other social media companies, a controversial class-action lawsuit has emerged in Mexico City and has been hailed by many as an example of government interference in the private lives of workers.

The suit is not against Facebook in particular but against a group of workers from the company's factory in Mexico City who allege they have worked longer hours, are not paid enough and are denied health benefits for failing to follow the Mexican minimum wage and benefits policies.

The claims, made as part of a class action brought by workers at the company's research and development factory, are being closely monitored by U.S. lawyers who have worked with the plaintiffs and have taken the unusual step of seeking to block access to court documents.

They say they fear retaliation if they file their claims, and they say the case reflects a trend toward increasing government intrusion in the private lives of workers.

"The people who have done this are desperate," said Alberto Jara, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City and part of a team that has tried to monitor the case. "There's definitely a rise in the number of lawsuits.

"This is another example of increasing government action against those who are pushing for change," he said.

In the U.S., U.S. District Judge William Orrick on Monday ordered Facebook to hand over any user data it collected from Mexico during 2015. In Mexico, some U.S. labor lawyers suspect Facebook of being involved.

In a statement emailed to the Guardian through its communications specialist, the company denied any involvement but suggested that Orrick's order had been a "misinterpretation of our position in this matter."

"In fact, we have cooperated with U.S. authorities in the case of a worker who has raised concerns regarding our data practices in the United States and who has provided their name and phone number to our general counsel's office," it read.

"We disagree with the notion that Facebook is acting 'unfairly' by allowing these workers to continue using Facebook as their work computer," the statement continued. "We take concerns of workers who work at Facebook to the Mexican labour laws and will continue to work with them when needed."

Facebook told the Guardian that employees using its platform for a "public service" were "never required" to use its social networking app and that the company uses privacy settings to protect its information.

A statement released in Mexico later on Monday evening reiterated that claim, saying: "We strongly oppose a lawsuit that would harm workers."

"We will fight back with everything we've got. It is simply not fair," the statemen

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